Michael Peck

Building a Warship for the Video Game Generation

The Navy's latest high-tech destroyer is basically a floating Xbox. (See bad jokes below.)

Have Xbox players taken over the U.S. Navy? Will America's aircraft carriers be launching "Angry Birds" against China and Iran?

You could be forgiven for thinking so now that the U.S. Navy's most sophisticated warship is designed to be operated by video gamers.

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Storm the Beaches from your Living Room

Six D-Day wargames that let you invade Normandy all over again.

D-Day isn't just one of history's epic battles. It is also a magnet for wargamers. The Normandy invasion has that magic ingredient that is irresistible to armchair generals: the "what if" factor.

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The Holy City of the Living Dead

There's actually a lesson about Israel buried inside this horribly bad horror flick about Hezbollah zombies.

Just when you thought the Middle East had seen every possible combination of political, religious, and ethnic strife, there comes a deadly new war that threatens to engulf not just the region, but the entire world.

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You Must First Invent the Universe

A conversation with legendary video game developer Sid Meier about the worlds he’s made, the people who have played in them, and how his Civilization resembles reality.

Sid Meier has made a career of putting the world -- many worlds, actually -- at people's fingertips. For over 30 years, he has developed video games that allow people to build empires and rewrite history.

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Congratulations, You Have Been Martyred!

Syria's jihadists take on Flappy Bird with new low-tech games that target enemies in Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Virtual jihadists have found new targets, and for once, they're not the United States or its allies. Two new online games from the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) organization depict Sunni fighters blowing up Iranians and attacking the Saudi Arabian government.

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